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Access to quality, low cost dental services with covered diagnostic and preventive care for the uninsured and undersinsured.




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The Community Health Center (CHC) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to provide quality, affordable medical and dental healthcare to individuals and businesses in our community.

We are not a government clinic, part of the health department, a hospital, or a county clinic, but a private organization staffed by incredible people with a passion to serve their community. 

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Community Benefit

Replacing a Smile Taken by Cancer - Rachelle Schwarz

Rachelle Schwarz is a 61 year old resident of the metro-Atlanta area, who since 1991 has been managing a plethora of health issues. In 1991 she flipped her bicycle and broke her back, but went without diagnosis for several years, throughout which she lived in severe pain. 


Apply For Financial Assistance for Services

From time to time, we have resources available to offer financial assistance in covering dental or medical services for those who qualify based on certain measures. If you would like to see if you qualify, we would love for your to apply!


Patient Portals

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Check out our new Dental Patient Portal! All of our dental patients now have access to this amazing portal where you can view services, see your bill, and contact with our staff. Click on the blue button above, then on the next page, click on "Patient Login" in the top right corner.

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Check out our Medical Patient Portal where all our patients can view test results, request appointments and prescription refills, talk with our medical staff and doctors, and see your bill all from the comfort of your own home. Click the green button above to get started.