What is it?

The Dental Membership Plan at the CHC is simple: low cost pricing on dental services for the uninsured or the underinsured along with covered diagnostic and preventive care. At the same time, each of our members forms a partnership with us which helps to strengthen our nonprofit organization in our mission to look after the most vulnerable in society. At the office, we like to think of the DMP as what it would look like if Sams and Tom’s shoes got together: wholesale pricing meets community benefit.*


How do we do this?

That’s simple too: we take big hearts to help those in need, match that up with partners in government, business, community organizations, and others and combine it all with innovative technology and systems to provide low cost dental care. The more people who use the membership, the more good we can do in the community helping those in need like seniors, single parents, veterans, and more. Everyone knows someone who needs help these days. Membership is a great way to get the access to care you need while doing a lot of good at the same time. Amazing!


What do we want you to do?

Sign Up! If you're uninsured and need dental care that is affordable, the DMP is your best options and at the same time, you get to take pride in the fact that you're helping people in your community for just doing something you needed to do anyway. Your Awesome! We have caring staff and licensed providers who can’t wait to serve you. Click below to get all the info and to sign up!


*Legal - Neither Sam's Club or Tom's Shoes has endorsed the DMP.