Luis Escobar is 11 years old. On Christmas Eve, Luis was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The tumor is Mixed Germ Cell tumor and contains cancerous cells. The tumor is growing quickly and is severely impacting his basic motor skills. He has started chemotherapy treatment which will continue for 4 months. After he finishes the chemotherapy, he will need a second surgery to try and remove the tumor.

Should his surgery be succesfull, he will be traveling to Florida to receive a 6 week radiation treatment, currently not covered by his insurance. Luis's doctors are optimistic about his chance of beating cancer if it does not spread but it is still considered a life threatening condition. Luis needs 24 hour care and his family is struggling emotionally and financially.

CHC is working to support Luis and his family. Please consider donating today to help pay for the cost of his medical care. CHC is accepting donations on behalf of Luis. If you donate through CHC, all of the donation will go towards his medical care. No fees will be taken out of the donation. 

Donate for Luis's Medical Care

Luis also has a GoFundMe Campaign which can be reached by clicking the link below. Please note that GoFundMe does take a percentage of the donation for administration costs, which CHC does not.