Periodontal health is the foundation of a healthy smile and good oral hygiene. Sometimes, through diet or poor oral hygiene habits, the state of a person's periodontal health can get to the point where just brushing, flossing, and regular cleaning appointments with your hygienist are no longer enough to prevent damage to mouth. At this stage, a patient most likely has periodontal disease

Treatment Options

Patients who suffer from periodontal disease, or gingivitis, can take comfort in the fact that there are options for treatment. At the Community Health Center, we offer the full gamut of periodontal health services provided by our caring team of licensed providers including our general dentists, and hygienists.

In addition to having a great team of providers watching out for you, patients can also comfort in the fact that they can pursue treatment at a much lower cost than visiting a private practice. Because the Community Health Center is a nonprofit, our goal is to make dental care as accessible and affordable as sustainably possible. Patients who value investing in their periodontal health will find CHC a amazing partner to help reach their goals.

Scaling and Root Planing - AKA The Deep Cleaning

Scaling and root planing (SRP) is a procedure, preformed usually by a hygienist but sometimes by a general dentist or periodontist, designed to remove deep pockets of infection from underneath a patient's gum line. SRP is a surgical procedure and patients are numbed using local anesthesia. Using surgical instruments and an ultrasonic scaler, the provider removes the plaque and bacteria from under the gum line. The procedure is preformed usually in two sessions and normally must be repeated 2 or 3 times or more to stabilize a patients condition and arrest the disease.


Periodontal Surgery

Watch Videos Here!

Watch Videos Here!

Patients who have periodontal disease have deep pockets under the gum line filled with bacteria which are not able to be cleaned during a standard scaling and root planing procedure. When this occurs, a dentist can preform periodontal surgery, sometime called pocket reduction or flap procedure. The procedure involves separating the gums from the tooth, aka "making a flap". Then, plaque, tartar, bacteria, and infected tissue is removed from the area. The bone around the tooth is then smoothed down to help minimize areas where bacteria could begin to regrow and to help the gum reattach to the tooth. The gums then receive sutures to finish the procedure.

*Please be advised the CHC does not currently provide the service of Periodontal Surgery. 


Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings

Unfortunately, at this time periodontal disease cannot be cured, but the good news it can be controlled. This is why, if you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, if you are having scaling and root planing procedures or periodontal surgery, it is imperative that you keep your periodontal maintenance appoints with your dentist or hygienist, at least every three months or otherwise directed. If periodontal disease is not closely monitored and treated, it can rapidly worsen, quickly destroying bone and soft tissue, and can eventually lead to the loss of teeth.

Interested in Periodontal Services?

Periodontal disease can be a scary thing to deal with. At CHC, providers in our Grassroots Dental Program can get you on the right track to arresting the disease and saving your smile.